You Must Come Prepared

Kaepernick warming up

To play and win a football game, a team has to come prepared. If they don’t they will lose. It’s as simple as that.
Teams practice all the time so that they can get good at running their plays and execute them to perfection in a game and win. I’m sure that a football team wouldn’t mind their opponent to not practice so that they wouldn’t be ready to play and lose but let’s face it, that will never happen. Plus who wants to watch a one sided game. Nobody likes a blow out game. A close, nail-biting game is where it’s at.
Football teams spend months before the season even starts practicing and getting ready for the season to start and win games and hopefully make it all the way to the Super Bowl.
Also before the season, the preseason, there are four games that teams play. These games are used to see where teams are at with how good they will do that season and how prepared they are for the season to start.
A team must be prepared to win a game.


What You Need Most In Football

If someone were to ask you what thing a football team needed most you might say good players and good coaches. However, while it does help to have those things, the thing you need most to win football games is ambition. A football team that isn’t ambitious and doesn’t want to win the game and achieve victory most likely won’t.
Ambition is like the bomb pass that wins the game or the 80 yard run that wins the game in that the team needs it to win the game. Without it, any team is almost guaranteed to lose. A team that is very ambitious but only has decent players and coaches could very easily beat a team that has incredible players but no ambition. You may not believe me but it is true. I mean look at the Chiefs this season. They were terrible until they had something to amp them up and make them want to win (not that they never wanted to not win).
The fact is that ambitious teams will most likely win games and less ambitious teams will lose. The best games to watch are with two evenly ambitious teams going at it.

Sometimes Your Best Just Isn’t Good Enough

Everybody faces challenges in life. Sometimes they overcome these challanges and sometimes they fail. Failure is never a good feeling but it happens to the best of us. Some failures hurt more than others and some can completely destroy a person. Some failures some people will never experience such as the failures in football.
There are many failures that can happen in football. Each position has their own failures. Quarterbacks can fail at completing a pass, throwing an interception, or getting sacked and fumbling the ball. Running backs can fail at gaining any yards on a run and fumbling the ball. The offensive line can fail at not blocking the defense and allowing a sack. Wide receivers can fail at catching the ball for the game winning touchdown. There are many more positions that have their own failures as well. However, every position in football shares one common failure. Losing.
Losing a football game is a tough failure that every team experiences. Some losses are easier to handle than others. The biggest failure would to lose the Super Bowl. Losing the Super Bowl usually crushes a team and puts them to tears because of how far they have come just to walk away the loser.
Wherever you are or go, there will always be failures. Football is just one of many places that failures exist.

The Guts in Football

The guts of different artists.(Their interpretation)

What is the first thing that you see when you look at this picture? The first thing your eyes are probably drawn to is the guts. And how does this picture relate to football? Well to play football, you have to have a lot of guts.
There are several aspects of football that you have to have the guts to do. First of all, football players have to stay on a healthy diet to stay in shape. You may not think that this takes guts but we’ve all had that new years resolution of eating healthier and staying in shape but let’s be honest, who really actually follows through? Football players don’t have the option to stop eating healthy.
The next thing football players have to have the guts to do is just to play the sport. They have to be able to take all of the punishing hits they encounter playing the game. The quarterback has to have the guts to throw the bomb down field for the game winning touchdown, and the defense has to have the guts to make the game winning tackle. The one player that may have to have the most guts is the kicker. The kicker has to withstand the pressure of the crowd and his teammates to kick the game winning field goal and if he doesn’t, he will not be very liked.

The Role of Confidence in Football

How much confidence do you need to play football? Maybe not as much as a doctor needs to perform a surgery, but to play football, it takes a lot of confidence. First of all, you have to have the confidence that you can survive everything that the National Football League throws at you. You also have to have the confidence to withstand tackles in a game, questions thrown in your face at interviews, and just have the confidence in your teammates that you can win the game.
The position in football that probably takes the most confidence is the quarterback. Just think about it. You have to have the confidence in yourself that you can throw a catchable ball to your wide receivers, be able to have a clean handoff to your runningback, be able to escape being sacked, and even just getting a clean snap. Plus, everyone on the team and all of the fans of your team look at you as the leader which I would imagine puts a lot of pressure on you.
Sometimes I wonder just how much confidence it takes to become a professional football player.