The Guts in Football

The guts of different artists.(Their interpretation)

What is the first thing that you see when you look at this picture? The first thing your eyes are probably drawn to is the guts. And how does this picture relate to football? Well to play football, you have to have a lot of guts.
There are several aspects of football that you have to have the guts to do. First of all, football players have to stay on a healthy diet to stay in shape. You may not think that this takes guts but we’ve all had that new years resolution of eating healthier and staying in shape but let’s be honest, who really actually follows through? Football players don’t have the option to stop eating healthy.
The next thing football players have to have the guts to do is just to play the sport. They have to be able to take all of the punishing hits they encounter playing the game. The quarterback has to have the guts to throw the bomb down field for the game winning touchdown, and the defense has to have the guts to make the game winning tackle. The one player that may have to have the most guts is the kicker. The kicker has to withstand the pressure of the crowd and his teammates to kick the game winning field goal and if he doesn’t, he will not be very liked.


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