Sometimes Your Best Just Isn’t Good Enough

Everybody faces challenges in life. Sometimes they overcome these challanges and sometimes they fail. Failure is never a good feeling but it happens to the best of us. Some failures hurt more than others and some can completely destroy a person. Some failures some people will never experience such as the failures in football.
There are many failures that can happen in football. Each position has their own failures. Quarterbacks can fail at completing a pass, throwing an interception, or getting sacked and fumbling the ball. Running backs can fail at gaining any yards on a run and fumbling the ball. The offensive line can fail at not blocking the defense and allowing a sack. Wide receivers can fail at catching the ball for the game winning touchdown. There are many more positions that have their own failures as well. However, every position in football shares one common failure. Losing.
Losing a football game is a tough failure that every team experiences. Some losses are easier to handle than others. The biggest failure would to lose the Super Bowl. Losing the Super Bowl usually crushes a team and puts them to tears because of how far they have come just to walk away the loser.
Wherever you are or go, there will always be failures. Football is just one of many places that failures exist.


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