What You Need Most In Football

If someone were to ask you what thing a football team needed most you might say good players and good coaches. However, while it does help to have those things, the thing you need most to win football games is ambition. A football team that isn’t ambitious and doesn’t want to win the game and achieve victory most likely won’t.
Ambition is like the bomb pass that wins the game or the 80 yard run that wins the game in that the team needs it to win the game. Without it, any team is almost guaranteed to lose. A team that is very ambitious but only has decent players and coaches could very easily beat a team that has incredible players but no ambition. You may not believe me but it is true. I mean look at the Chiefs this season. They were terrible until they had something to amp them up and make them want to win (not that they never wanted to not win).
The fact is that ambitious teams will most likely win games and less ambitious teams will lose. The best games to watch are with two evenly ambitious teams going at it.


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