The Side of Football Nobody Sees Coming

Everyone might think that football is all fun and games but there can be a real serious and sad side to it. Sometimes players can get really depressed and sad and do things that nobody ever saw coming. Just recently this season, Chiefs player Javon Walker, killed himself for reasons that haven’t been known. This was very alarming for the entire football league and now there are counselors that players can go to and talk about problems they are having if they are feeling down. There haven’t been that many players that have killed themselves but it is still a side of football that shouldn’t be overlooked. Not all player deaths have came from suicides. There have also been car accidents that have killed players too. No matter how a death comes about in the football league, it always takes an effect on the entire team. The next game the team has to play, their emotions are spinning wildly in their heads and most of the time they can’t focus and lose the game. Some teams might use a loss of a player if they were killed in a car wreck or something of that nature as motivation and dedicate the game to the player and work their butt off to win the game for them. Nobody ever wants to see a life be taken but sometimes it can happen without anybody even knowing it’s coming.


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