Being Raised Into A Star

Every parent wishes that their kid or kids grow up and become stars. It doesn’t matter what their kid becomes a star in, they just hope and wish the best for their kids. This is kind of how one of the Super Bowl commercials was. The Budweiser commercial that had the clydesdale being raised by the man and then sending the horse off in a Budweiser truck sent this message. At the end of the commercial when the clydesdale was in a parade and saw the man that had raised it and then went running after him is like a kid running back to his or her parents and thanking them for raising him or her.
This concept applies to football too. Every parent of a NFL football player is proud of their kid and always loves the moment when the player comes up to his parents and thanks them for raising him. The commercial was almost like a kid growing up. The man raised his horse up just like parents raise their children. Then when the horse got all grown up, it moved on to the real world and got a “job” just like kids do. Finally when the horse made it to the “big leagues,” it saw the man that raised him and ran after him to reunite with him just like a kid would do if he or she saw their parents.


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