Privacy? What Privacy?

Everybody loves having their privacy. I know I do. The last thing I want to have happen is have something embarrassing or bad that I have done to get out and everybody know about it. You may think that professional football players may have more privacy than we do but that is not even close to the truth. They probably have almost no privacy at all.
Professional football players have the worst privacy issues because if something gets out about something they did, everybody is going to know about it because reporters are going to put it on the news. One example is of the thing Brett Favre did. Now if you don’t know what he did then I don’t know where you have been because it was all over the place. A more recent event is of Manti Te’o. Even though he isn’t a professional football player yet, his privacy is almost nonexistant. There are several other examples of football players that have had their privacy taken away from them from some of the things that they have done. My advice for football players is to just not do anything stupid because you know that it is going to get out and you will either be hated or be the laughing stock of the nation.


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