Love The Classics Man!

Who doesn’t like classics? Classic music, classic cars, classic books, and classic football games are only a few things that people like of classics. There are so many classic football games that if I were to talk about all of them, then this blog could be turned into a book.
Not only are there classic football games, but there are also classic football players that make the classic games. Some examples are Joe Montana and John Elway. These two guys are two of the greats of football. They will be known as legends and will never be forgotten. Because of this, you can conclude that they had many classic games. The easiest games to think of that are classics with these two men are their games in Super Bowls. Now lets be honest, every Super Bowl is a classic. But, the Super Bowls that these guys were in will probably never be forgotten unlike some other Super Bowls that just weren’t as exciting as the Super Bowls these two were in.
Joe Montana and John Elway are only two guys out of many that make up the tens of hundreds of classic games of football.


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