The Perspectives of Football

Most people have the same perspective on football. Millions of people love to watch football and spend millions of dollars on football apparel and miscellaneous stuff tied to football. However there are still a few of those people who don’t like football and don’t watch it. The only thing I would tell them is that they are missing out on some awesome stuff. But for all of those people that absolutely love football, they most likely see football in the same way.
People who just watch football see it as a sport where men in pads try to move a ball to the other end of the field and score, blazing a trail through the other team. We all see the green grass of the field, all of the different uniforms, and all of the bad calls by the refs. But in the end, we all have the same perspective on football when we watch it.
The players, however, have a different perspective on it. Playing football is their job. Not all football players in the NFL graduated from college with a diploma so football is all they have to earn money. They won’t be able to go out in the world and get a good paying job since they never graduated from college. Not all players are like this. Some actually graduate from college and go out and get a good job when they are done playing. But at the time when they are playing, that is their job.


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