Hollywood Football

The Hollywood Sign

Who wouldn’t want to go to Hollywood? Of course everything over there is probably really expensive and most Americans couldn’t afford anything there but it would still be pretty cool to go there. It is probably one of the most known places in the United States. If you were to go around and ask people if they have heard of Hollywood, I guarentee you that they would say they have heard of it.
Since it is so well known, why doesn’t it have a team or at least a stadium for the biggest sport in America? How awesome would it be if Hollywood had a football team? I can see it now. The Hollywood Stars. And even if Hollywood didn’t have a football team, why couldn’t they have a stadium that could hold the Super Bowl? I’m sure the football players that make it to the Super Bowl wouldn’t mind having the Super Bowl in Hollywood. With as much money as there is in Hollywood, I’m kind of surprised a team or stadium hasn’t been established yet. Maybe someday in the future this idea of a football team or at least a stadium will form in Hollywood and it will become reality.


What An Ending

Ray Lewis after Super Bowl win

Most people in the United States of America watch football. Even those people that don’t watch football have still probably heard of one football player. That football player is Ray Lewis.
Ray Lewis is a linebacker, well was a linebacker, for the Baltimore Ravens. He decided to retire this past season after his legendary career. The team he was on, the Baltimore Ravens, has always been a decent team. However, over these past several years, they have only seemed to make it to the playoffs and end up losing. This past season, they changed that.
This past season, the Baltimore Ravens made it to the playoffs as the usually do. This time, though, they miraculously made it to the Super Bowl. Now since this was Ray’s last season ever, you can only imagine how hard he fought to make it to the Super Bowl considering he had an injured right arm but still managed to play. In the end, Ray and the Ravens outscored the 49ers and won the Super Bowl. This brought tears to the eyes of Ray as I imagine it would have to all of us if we were in his shoes. Ray Lewis couldn’t have asked for a better way to play his last game of his career than to win the Super Bowl.

Are You Kidding Me?!

Getting aggrevated can be…well…aggrevating. Almost, if not all, people have got aggrevated sometime in their life. Whether it was about a game, money, or simply not getting a candy bar. It’s hard not to get aggrevated when you are a competitive person. If you are competitive, you always strive to be the best and if you happen to come up short, you usually get mad at yourself or something else. As you can imagine, football players are very competitive.
Football players are probably one of the most competitive people you will ever meet. They spend months upon months training to win games during the regular season. When a football team loses, they usually get aggrevated and get mad. This can lead to the occasional head smacking, helmet throwing, locker punching behaviors that football players do when they get upset or mad that they lost a game. And can you blame them? How would you feel knowing that you spents months upon months training to be a really good team and then end up finding out that all those months of training didn’t pay off because you still lost the game. I don’t know about you but I would probably have the same reactions that they do.
Getting aggrevated happens to all of us. Some more than others. Being a football player doesn’t help prevent aggression and can somewhat cause it. So if you are ever around a football player that has just lost a game, BEWARE!

Challenge It!!

What is more challenging than playing football? Ok, there are probably a lot more things that are more challenging but are they as fun?
Football is a challenging sport. Players have to know what they are doing at all times and sometimes have to know what is going to happen before it happens, especially on defense. The biggest challenge to overcome in football is to actually win a game. Something that the Chiefs don’t know how to do most of the time. Every team that a team goes up against puts up a fight and a challenge for the team to try and overcome. Some other challenges that football players and football teams have to overcome are penalties. Most of the time, the refs call a fair game and make the rights calls on penalties. However, there are sometimes that the refs make really bad calls and teams have the option to challenge it. What a perfect way to name that since this post is about challenging things.
One thing that football players do that I think everybody should do is challenge themselves to get better. You can never be too good at something so challenging yourself to do better at anything is a good way for people to live life.