Challenge It!!

What is more challenging than playing football? Ok, there are probably a lot more things that are more challenging but are they as fun?
Football is a challenging sport. Players have to know what they are doing at all times and sometimes have to know what is going to happen before it happens, especially on defense. The biggest challenge to overcome in football is to actually win a game. Something that the Chiefs don’t know how to do most of the time. Every team that a team goes up against puts up a fight and a challenge for the team to try and overcome. Some other challenges that football players and football teams have to overcome are penalties. Most of the time, the refs call a fair game and make the rights calls on penalties. However, there are sometimes that the refs make really bad calls and teams have the option to challenge it. What a perfect way to name that since this post is about challenging things.
One thing that football players do that I think everybody should do is challenge themselves to get better. You can never be too good at something so challenging yourself to do better at anything is a good way for people to live life.


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