What An Ending

Ray Lewis after Super Bowl win

Most people in the United States of America watch football. Even those people that don’t watch football have still probably heard of one football player. That football player is Ray Lewis.
Ray Lewis is a linebacker, well was a linebacker, for the Baltimore Ravens. He decided to retire this past season after his legendary career. The team he was on, the Baltimore Ravens, has always been a decent team. However, over these past several years, they have only seemed to make it to the playoffs and end up losing. This past season, they changed that.
This past season, the Baltimore Ravens made it to the playoffs as the usually do. This time, though, they miraculously made it to the Super Bowl. Now since this was Ray’s last season ever, you can only imagine how hard he fought to make it to the Super Bowl considering he had an injured right arm but still managed to play. In the end, Ray and the Ravens outscored the 49ers and won the Super Bowl. This brought tears to the eyes of Ray as I imagine it would have to all of us if we were in his shoes. Ray Lewis couldn’t have asked for a better way to play his last game of his career than to win the Super Bowl.


3 thoughts on “What An Ending

  1. What would you say to someone who brings up his character? Saying that he overdoes everything, brings up how he was involved in double murder or just doesn’t like the guy? I personally don’t like him. He cries during everything for no reason and he got away with double murder.

  2. It’s a great way for a great player to go out in style? The questions about his character will always be there, but I hope people look past that and realize that one of the greatest to ever play MILB just retired. What a career.

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