Hollywood Football

The Hollywood Sign

Who wouldn’t want to go to Hollywood? Of course everything over there is probably really expensive and most Americans couldn’t afford anything there but it would still be pretty cool to go there. It is probably one of the most known places in the United States. If you were to go around and ask people if they have heard of Hollywood, I guarentee you that they would say they have heard of it.
Since it is so well known, why doesn’t it have a team or at least a stadium for the biggest sport in America? How awesome would it be if Hollywood had a football team? I can see it now. The Hollywood Stars. And even if Hollywood didn’t have a football team, why couldn’t they have a stadium that could hold the Super Bowl? I’m sure the football players that make it to the Super Bowl wouldn’t mind having the Super Bowl in Hollywood. With as much money as there is in Hollywood, I’m kind of surprised a team or stadium hasn’t been established yet. Maybe someday in the future this idea of a football team or at least a stadium will form in Hollywood and it will become reality.


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