It is definitely not a secret that there are secrets everywhere about everything. There are even secrets in football. Some secrets in football can really hurt the player or the entire team. Some of the most recent secrets are of Chiefs linebacker, Javon Belcher, who killed himself and his girlfriend, Manti Teo’s “girlfriend”, and the Saints’ coaching staff paying players to hurt other players.
Nobody knew about Javon Belcher’s secret about why he killed himself and his girlfriend and nobody still knows why he did it. It will always remain a secret now that many people will wonder about for years to come.
Manti Teo had a completely different kind of secret. Whether he knew it or not, he was dating a girl that never even existed. If he knew she wasn’t real and just used her death to get a higher draft pick or if he really didn’t know that she wasn’t real, he is still probably going to get a lower draft pick than he would have got if he didn’t say anything about it.
The Saints’ coaching staff that paid their players to hurt other players didn’t hide their secret very well and they got caught and punished just like they should have been.


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