Bernard Pollard as a Raven

Bernard Pollard as a Texan

Bernard Pollard as a Chief

Have you ever felt that you weren’t needed for something when you know you would have been good for it? A lot of football players experience this. Football players believe in themselves and think that they are the best player for their position but the coaches don’t always think the same thing. Every season, players are let go from teams. However, those players don’t let it get to them because they usually end up getting picked up by another team. Even though the team that let that player go may have underappreciated him, he can stick it to that team if his new team plays his old team. I know that this has happened before. Bernard Pollard use to play for the Kansas City Chiefs but was let go. Don’t ask me why they let him go because I don’t know since he was and still is a good player. The Houston Texans picked him up but later let him go so the Baltimore Ravens ended up picking up Pollard and when the Ravens play the Chiefs or the Texans, Pollard usually has a really good game and sticks it to the them for letting him go.


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