Sometimes You Have To Heal

Steelers player injured

Everybody gets hurt sometime in their life. They could get hurt emotionally or physically. I have had the “pleasure” of experiencing both. Football players can also experience both but will most of the time experience getting hurt physically.
Football is a rough and dangerous sport. That is something we all know. So it is no surprise that injuries come with the sport. Some injuries are more severe than others but could take the same amount of time to heal. Whenever a football player is injured, you will usually see them first in pain but then switch to a feeling of anger. They experience this anger because they come to realize that they will be missing some time doing the thing that they love which is play football. Football players can’t wait to get back out onto the field and sometimes they start playing before they are completely healed which leads to even more time off. But to try and stop the reinjuring or injuring even more, the players will wear braces and wrap their injured limb a bunch to try and prevent any more damage.
When a football player gets injured, they get angry and sometimes come back too soon. Instead of doing this, they should stay out of the game until they are completely healed so they don’t risk further injury. I know this wouldn’t be a popular thing to do among football players but it could help them out in the long run.


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