This Is The End For Me

Ray Lewis annoucing his retirement

Every person gets to the point in their life where they they come to an end in what they do. Everybody will retire from their job one day after their service to the workforce has come to an end. This happens a lot faster with football players than with other people in the workforce.
Football player’s careers don’t last near as long as other people’s careers in the workforce. Some football careers are ended early with an injury that ends their career before they are ready to quit. Others last many many years even up to 15 years. When a football player decides to retire, it is a hard decision for them to make. Some of them aren’t ready to go and others know that it is their time to go. Most players try to retire on a high note whether that is winning the Super Bowl or having the best season of their career.
When a football player retires, it is a very emotional time for them. They are sometimes not sure if it is time to go or not but no matter what choice they make, they still stay very involved with the National Football League in some way.


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