This Is The End For Me

Ray Lewis annoucing his retirement

Every person gets to the point in their life where they they come to an end in what they do. Everybody will retire from their job one day after their service to the workforce has come to an end. This happens a lot faster with football players than with other people in the workforce.
Football player’s careers don’t last near as long as other people’s careers in the workforce. Some football careers are ended early with an injury that ends their career before they are ready to quit. Others last many many years even up to 15 years. When a football player decides to retire, it is a hard decision for them to make. Some of them aren’t ready to go and others know that it is their time to go. Most players try to retire on a high note whether that is winning the Super Bowl or having the best season of their career.
When a football player retires, it is a very emotional time for them. They are sometimes not sure if it is time to go or not but no matter what choice they make, they still stay very involved with the National Football League in some way.


Hey Look Over There!

Have you ever got distracted by something and then completely forgot what you were going to do? I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me and it makes me quite angry. Believe it or not, the same thing happens in football.
In the game of football, you have to be focused. One second where a player is not paying attention could be the difference between winning and losing. Quarterbacks try to make this happen with the cornerbacks on defense. The quarterback will try everything they can to make the defense lose focus for just one second for him to be able to complete a pass, potentially the game winning pass. They have different strategies for doing this. One thing they do is called a pump fake. A pump fake is where the quarterback acts like he is throwing the ball by moving it forward but then brings the ball down and doesn’t throw it. The quarterback’s hope is the the cornerbacks will bite on this fake which will end up making the wide receivers wide open. Another thing they can do is act like they are going to run with the ball instead of pass it which will cause the defensive players to come forward at him and then he can loft a pass up and over them to his reciever.
When a quarterback distracts a defensive player and it results in a big play, you can tell that it frustrates the defensive player and I can completely relate to it.

Sometimes You Have To Heal

Steelers player injured

Everybody gets hurt sometime in their life. They could get hurt emotionally or physically. I have had the “pleasure” of experiencing both. Football players can also experience both but will most of the time experience getting hurt physically.
Football is a rough and dangerous sport. That is something we all know. So it is no surprise that injuries come with the sport. Some injuries are more severe than others but could take the same amount of time to heal. Whenever a football player is injured, you will usually see them first in pain but then switch to a feeling of anger. They experience this anger because they come to realize that they will be missing some time doing the thing that they love which is play football. Football players can’t wait to get back out onto the field and sometimes they start playing before they are completely healed which leads to even more time off. But to try and stop the reinjuring or injuring even more, the players will wear braces and wrap their injured limb a bunch to try and prevent any more damage.
When a football player gets injured, they get angry and sometimes come back too soon. Instead of doing this, they should stay out of the game until they are completely healed so they don’t risk further injury. I know this wouldn’t be a popular thing to do among football players but it could help them out in the long run.

We’re Not Big And Mean

Jack Hoffman

There has been a youtube video that has went viral of a little boy who has been battling brain cancer that was basically adopted by the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team. In the video, the little boy got to go out onto the field and run in for a touchdown.
When most people see a football player that is all buff and tall, they think that they will most likely be mean. That isn’t further from the truth and the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team showed that. There are several football players that have charities in their name and do kind things all the time. You will very rarely run into a football player that isn’t nice.
The next time you see a football player, don’t think that they are mean just because of their size. Instead, talk to them and you will find out that they are just giant teddy bears.

Don’t Stop Believin’

Don’t stop believin’. I bet whenever you hear these words you immediately think of the Journey song. Whenever you listen to this song, I bet you actually listen to the words and understand their meaning. The phrase don’t stop believin’ can be used to motivate a football team.
Since football is a team sport, every player has to believe in one another. If they don’t believe in each other then their team will most likely not have a good season. If a football team were to listen to this song, it would make them think about it and not ever stop believing each other and will in turn motivate them to make each other better so that they become an unstoppable team.
This song doesn’t just motivate the football players but it can also motivate the fans and crowd. When I was in high school, I was in the marching band. One year, we played Journey music in our field show. As you probably guessed, we played “Don’t Stop Believin'” at the very end of our show. Every time we performed, the crowd got really into it and sang the words and clapped to the beat. It got them all fired up for the football team to come back after halftime. When I would look up into the crowd and see them going crazy, it made me get goosebumps everytime.
Not only is the song “Don’t Stop Believin'” a great song, but it is also a song that can motivate people.

Im Famous!

I’m sure that at least once in your life you have wanted to be famous. I mean who doesn’t want to be famous? I know that I have thought many times about what it would be like to be famous and what I would want to be famous for. I would love to become famous for playing football but in reality I know that that probably won’t happen.
Football players can become very famous though. There are some players in the NFL that everybody everywhere knows about. Some of these players may include Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, Champ Bailey, and Wes Welker just to name a few.
Not all football players become famous however. For a football player to become famous, they have to work hard and perform well in all of there games and possibly even break an NFL record. Most famous football players only come from certain positions too. There have been famous football players from every position in football, but usually the offensive and defensive lines don’t usually have that many famous players.
I’m sure that when football players become famous they love it, but it could also come with a downside. If they are famous, then all of their fans start expecting them to play spectacular in every game and if they don’t then they essentially let down all of their fans. If you were to ask a famous football player about what it’s like to be famous, I bet they would tell you that they love it but hate it at the same time.


Bernard Pollard as a Raven

Bernard Pollard as a Texan

Bernard Pollard as a Chief

Have you ever felt that you weren’t needed for something when you know you would have been good for it? A lot of football players experience this. Football players believe in themselves and think that they are the best player for their position but the coaches don’t always think the same thing. Every season, players are let go from teams. However, those players don’t let it get to them because they usually end up getting picked up by another team. Even though the team that let that player go may have underappreciated him, he can stick it to that team if his new team plays his old team. I know that this has happened before. Bernard Pollard use to play for the Kansas City Chiefs but was let go. Don’t ask me why they let him go because I don’t know since he was and still is a good player. The Houston Texans picked him up but later let him go so the Baltimore Ravens ended up picking up Pollard and when the Ravens play the Chiefs or the Texans, Pollard usually has a really good game and sticks it to the them for letting him go.