Hey You’re New

Everybody loves meeting new people. You create new friends and new enemies when you meet new people. But we’re going to stay on the topic of meeting new friends. Football players get the biggest oppertunity to do this. Every year, new players are added to each team so the current players are constantly meeting new people. Most of the time, everybody that is already on the team will become friends with the new players and make them feel comfortable. Since they are one team, they need to work together instead of fighting with each other. Now there may be some tension between a couple players if one is trying to get the starting position but the other player is just better. But those same two players will still be friends and respect each other because they have to work well together for the team’s sake.
Football players get to meet new people all the time and set an example to the rest of the world that we all need to get along together and be friends because we are all one team on this planet.


What Relaxation?

Spring Training

Football players don’t get a lot of time to relax. They are constantly working in the weight room and out on the field. There is almost not a single day that football players aren’t training to get better. Even during the off season, there is spring training that doesn’t allow the players a day to relax. Now football players don’t train 24/7, 365 days a year, but I’m sure that some football players would say that it feels like they do. On the days that football players get to relax, they are still probably thinking about what they can do to get even better at their sport. In the end, football players don’t get too many days where they can take a load off and just relax. But when they do, you can bet your bottom dollar that they are going to enjoy every bit of it.

Breaks, Breaks Everywhere

Definitely a broken leg

Football is a dangerous sport. Everybody knows it but that doesn’t stop a lot of people from playing it or watching it. The NFL has been trying to make strides to make football less dangerous but there are some things that just can’t be avoided. One of those things is broken bones, especially legs. The NFL right now is mainly concerned with protecting the head of football players which I believe is a good thing, but there are other parts of the player that need to be protected too.
Broken legs are not that uncommon in the NFL. They actually happen quite often. If you think about it, the legs, specifically lower leg, and arms are the most vulnerable part of a player to get injured. Hopefully that after the NFL finds a way to completely protect the head of a player, they will move on to protecting the legs and arms of the players. I don’t know how they will do it since players arms and legs need to be mobile and move around but with the technology we have today I’m sure they will figure out a way to do it.


It is definitely not a secret that there are secrets everywhere about everything. There are even secrets in football. Some secrets in football can really hurt the player or the entire team. Some of the most recent secrets are of Chiefs linebacker, Javon Belcher, who killed himself and his girlfriend, Manti Teo’s “girlfriend”, and the Saints’ coaching staff paying players to hurt other players.
Nobody knew about Javon Belcher’s secret about why he killed himself and his girlfriend and nobody still knows why he did it. It will always remain a secret now that many people will wonder about for years to come.
Manti Teo had a completely different kind of secret. Whether he knew it or not, he was dating a girl that never even existed. If he knew she wasn’t real and just used her death to get a higher draft pick or if he really didn’t know that she wasn’t real, he is still probably going to get a lower draft pick than he would have got if he didn’t say anything about it.
The Saints’ coaching staff that paid their players to hurt other players didn’t hide their secret very well and they got caught and punished just like they should have been.

It’s Mine…I Mean Ours!

Vince Lombardi Trophy

There is one thing that I can guarentee is a prized possession of every football player. That would be the Vince Lombardi trophy and the Super Bowl rings that come with it. When a football team wins the Super Bowl, it is one of the happiest moments of their lives. If you watch the Super Bowl, when they do the trophy ceremony after the game, you see all of the players touching the trophy and kissing it because it is now one of their prized possessions now.
The Vince Lombardi trophy is one story but something else that is even more of a prized possession to a football player is their Super Bowl ring. If you were to every run into a football player that has won a Super Bowl, I bet you that they would be wearing their Super Bowl ring. The only time they probably don’t wear it is when they are playing another football game. When a Super Bowl winning player dies, I can almost guarentee you that the Super Bowl ring will be in the coffin right along with them. It is probably impossible to get a Super Bowl ring out of the grasp of a player.

Hollywood Football

The Hollywood Sign

Who wouldn’t want to go to Hollywood? Of course everything over there is probably really expensive and most Americans couldn’t afford anything there but it would still be pretty cool to go there. It is probably one of the most known places in the United States. If you were to go around and ask people if they have heard of Hollywood, I guarentee you that they would say they have heard of it.
Since it is so well known, why doesn’t it have a team or at least a stadium for the biggest sport in America? How awesome would it be if Hollywood had a football team? I can see it now. The Hollywood Stars. And even if Hollywood didn’t have a football team, why couldn’t they have a stadium that could hold the Super Bowl? I’m sure the football players that make it to the Super Bowl wouldn’t mind having the Super Bowl in Hollywood. With as much money as there is in Hollywood, I’m kind of surprised a team or stadium hasn’t been established yet. Maybe someday in the future this idea of a football team or at least a stadium will form in Hollywood and it will become reality.

What An Ending

Ray Lewis after Super Bowl win

Most people in the United States of America watch football. Even those people that don’t watch football have still probably heard of one football player. That football player is Ray Lewis.
Ray Lewis is a linebacker, well was a linebacker, for the Baltimore Ravens. He decided to retire this past season after his legendary career. The team he was on, the Baltimore Ravens, has always been a decent team. However, over these past several years, they have only seemed to make it to the playoffs and end up losing. This past season, they changed that.
This past season, the Baltimore Ravens made it to the playoffs as the usually do. This time, though, they miraculously made it to the Super Bowl. Now since this was Ray’s last season ever, you can only imagine how hard he fought to make it to the Super Bowl considering he had an injured right arm but still managed to play. In the end, Ray and the Ravens outscored the 49ers and won the Super Bowl. This brought tears to the eyes of Ray as I imagine it would have to all of us if we were in his shoes. Ray Lewis couldn’t have asked for a better way to play his last game of his career than to win the Super Bowl.