So God Created Football

Let’s all say it out loud, we watched the Super Bowl. Now you would think that this post would be about the game but you are mistaken. What is the one thing that a lot of people look forward to about the Super Bowl? That’s right, the commercials. There were some pretty good commercials this year and one of them is the commercial for the Dodge Ram truck. People may like the commercial for different reasons. Farmers most likely liked the commercial for the obvious reason. It was about them. I personally liked it because it was for the Dodge Ram and I have been wanting one for a very long time.
I think that the commercial sent out a very good message and made a very good image for farmers. Now maybe people that didn’t think that much of farmers will now take a second look at them and see that we need farmers for this country to survive. This commercial was also very different from most Super Bowl commercials in that it was sending out a message instead of just being really funny which is what most Super Bowl commercials are.
To go along with the commercial’s “So God Made A Farmer” theme, I came up with my own which is “So God Made Football.” Just think, if we didn’t have football, we would have no Super Bowl. And if we had no Super Bowl, we would have no commercials. And if we didn’t have Super Bowl commercials, we wouldn’t of had this commercial or any of the other commercials. For this reason, this is why I believe “So God Made Football.”


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